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"The Forearm Factory is one of the most effective ways to achieve great wrist, grip, and lower arm development.   I use the Forearm Factory in my training, and would recommend the machine to any athlete.  If you want results, get the Forearm Factory."
Jon Bruney

 Bio: The exploits of World Record-holding strongman Jon Bruney have been immortalized in Ripley's Believe it or Not and shown nationwide on NBC's The Today Show. And thousands of people have personally experienced Jon's jaw-dropping "Pressing the Limits" motivational strength program.

A true renaissance man in the realm of strength-development, Jon Bruney is a world-class trainer, coach, motivational speaker, strongman, author, and pastor. Jon's work with competitive athletes includes Olympians and NFL players. He is the author of Foundations, a training series featured in MILO, widely considered the world's most prestigious strength training journal. As co-owner of Submit Strength Equipment, Jon has been responsible for the design of numerous pieces of cutting-edge training equipment now in use around the world. Jon is a veteran of numerous trainer certification courses including Controlled Fatique Training, and the Battling Ropes. 

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